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Calair main window
Some apps shine because of their simplicity. This is one of these. Looking for a day / date combination? 1 click and you got it. Double-click a date will open the "big" calendar.
scd (The Netherlands)
Calair is a lightweight popup calendar that is easily accessible without filling the entire display.

  • Week numbers
  • Choice of 4 themes
  • Double-click opens Calendar
  • Quickly opened in menu bar or as a Notification Center Widget (no themes)
  • Privacy by design. Absolutely nothing is stored or shared with 3rd parties.
  • Calair theme image
  • Calair theme image
  • Calair theme image
  • Calair theme image
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Endlich ein Kalender, der mir ganz einfach Wochenzahl, Tage und Datum anzeigt, ohne den Bildschirm zuzudecken. Kein überladener Softwareterror, sondern ganz einfach: Info auf einen Mausklick. Es sollte mehr solche rudimentäre, schlichte Apps geben.

Finally a calendar, which simply shows me week number, days and date without covering the screen. No overloaded software terror, but quite simple: info on a mouse click. There should be more such rudimentary, simple apps.

maccurrency (Switserland)